2018 to 2019 Post Officers

Commander:Kevin Kohn
1st Vice: 
2nd Vice:Diane McNellis
Adjutant:Michael Shipe Sr.
Finance Officer:Dennis Dye
Sgt At Arms: 
Member At Large:Danny Crabtree

Duties of the Post Officers


Commander:   The Commander has the duty of teaching and protecting the cardinal principals of the American Legion throughout the entire Post. The Commander has supervision of the duties of all other officers of the Post, is the guardian of Justice and Freedom, and bears the full responsibility of the Post complying with the policies and the traditions of your Post and of the American Legion

Adjutant:   The Adjutant is appointed as Assistant or Secretary to the Commander. The Adjutant is the “continuity” person in the post.

1st Vice Commander:   The 1st Vice Commander is responsible for cooperating with the Commander, especially with the interest of the membership of the Post. The 1st Vice Commander has the duty of safeguarding the honor of the Flag of our Country and is the teacher of “Democracy.”

2nd Vice Commander:   The 2nd Vice Commander shall assist the Commander with all duties. Particularly with interest in patriotic observances of all kinds, in developing Post activities, and in the entertainment features which mark all meetings.

Service Officer:   The Service Officer is selected to perform the fundamental work for the benefit of the members of the Post, but also for those War Veterans particularly in need of service.

Judge Advocate:   The Judge Advocate is assigned the most important duty for which his legal training and/or past Legion experience may apply to you. The duties include the interpretation of the Constitution and By-Laws of the Post and may be called on to rule on the legality of the actions and decisions insofar as these affect the good of the American Legion.

Finance Officer:   The Finance Officer is the keeper of the monies and in him is reposed the financial responsibility for the Post. The duty includes the year’s budget and the payment of all obligations when proper authorization has been given for such payment.

Sergeant-at-Arms:   The Sergeant-at-Arms is the outer guard of this post and will especially guard against the loss of The American Legion’s greatest possessions – our deep and abiding spirit of comradeship. He will learn the identity and introduce to the Commander all visiting comrades and guests of the Post. Into his hands is given the charge of the stand of colors which you will properly display at all Post meetings and on ceremonial occasions.

Chaplain:   The Chaplain is given the spiritual leadership of the post and responsibility for religious ceremonies for the Post or a comrade. All such ceremonies are made more commemorative by the use of Legion rituals.

Duties of the Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is charged with the management of the Post.